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washout. heavy rains, pounding surf and a big sigh of relief hours after earl's hit and run. as the unemployment rate edges up again, just why is it taking so long for so many to get back to work? and a star is born. you remember susan boyle, don't you? ♪ i dreamed a dream well, now get to know mary burns.
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from supermarket worker to potential superstar, we'll introduce her today, saturday, potential superstar, we'll introduce her today, saturday, september 4th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. we're certainly glad hurricane earl did not do anymore damage, but i could have used a drop of an at my house and we didn't get anything. >> it skirted off to the east, heading right toward nantucket, skirted north carolina. this has been a real close call. doesn't mean everyone's out of the woods. they did get a labor day break from hurricane earl in the northeast. actually it's been downgraded to a tropical storm as it brushed the coast of massachusetts this morning with heavy rain and high winds. >> and lots of sighs of relief up and down the east coast because this could have been a
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lot worse. but it if you're thinking of testing the waters at the beach, you'll want to watch out for what earl left behind. we'll have a full update. >> half a world away, a big earthquake in new zealand caused widespread damage in their second largest city which is actually locked down today. >> the prime minister said it was a miracle that no one was killed. we will head live to christ church for a look at the damage there in just a few minutes. >> back in this country, coulky horman would have been going back tole school next week, but he's still missing after disappearing three months ago today. we'll get the latest on the investigation. and a bit later, a mother's love. le remarkable story of a woman who actually brought her newborn baby back to life by using the right it touch. we will meet the family right here this morning. >> that's quite a story. but first let's get the latest on tropical storm earl. we've got full coverage this morning. we begin with michelle franzen in chatham, massachusetts on cape cod.
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michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. minimal damage reported and no medical emergencies. at this hour reported. it looks like the cape and nantucket really faired well through earl. in the end earl's spin no worse than a classic nor'easter. earl proving even as a category 1 hurricane, he had enough punch left to pound the coast of nantucket. the island received the brunt of the storm with earl carving its path east of nantucket. not far away on cape cod, heavy rain and whipping winds left their mark. but even the power of earl was no match for this bride and groom. margo and hugh married at the chatham bars inn, determined pot to let a hurricane spoil their special day. >> it will also be memorable. it's given us plenty of challenges, but nothing stopping
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us. >> reporter: or their happily ever after. >> i hope not. we had a whirlwind romance, but maybe another hurricane just throws some, i don't know, some excitement to it. there is a strange excitement with a hurricane. >> reporter: hurricane earl barreled toward the u.s. as a menacing category 4, but lost steam as it made landfall on the outer banks of north carolina. jim cantore was in hard hit cape hatteras. >> as you can see, we're still taking it on the chin. this water is compliments of pamly company sound and it continues. >> reporter: earl made a turn kicking up occur of surf on new york's long island and creating dangerous rip currents up and down the coast. but in the end, earl whether go down as a near miss for much of the coast. and those who were once bracing for the worst can now look ahead to enjoying the rest of this holiday weekend. and any damage that they find later on this morning, they have
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crews in place ready to go to make sure the cape is returned to its glory. >> michelle franzen this morning, thank you. while earl continues to lose steam, it is it is leaving behind some dangerous conditions at the beach this holiday weekend. the weather channel's mike seidel is on the tip of the island . >> reporter: the sun is out but the memory lingers. this is the do you know line. just two days ago go, it was up here. so the beach is being rearranged and now the do you know is left strong and will be more prevalent damage in the next storm. let me take you back to yesterday. we had ten foot waves pounding the beaches and, again, the beach erosion the real impact here. and because of this, the beaches were closed from here down to the outer banks of north carolina, not only because of the surf, but because of dangerous rip currents. in new jersey, a man went this
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swimming thursday and yet to be found. they called off the search because of earl. that's the second drowning in a week and the fourth fatality since last weekend because of rip currents. so they closed the beaches yesterday. >> h the beaches be open today, will it be safe to go in the water with those big waves out there? >> reporter: you can be sure they'll get the beaches open for labor day weekend. the concern is swimming and many communities and lifeguards and city managers will meet this morning to make that decision on how far swimmers can go in because the rip current threat is still up. take a look at the forecast from the outer banks up to new england, as earl departs, it will take a while for these waveses to subside and, thus, they may keep swimmers to their news or ankles. things will get better tomorrow, but one group that has loved this swell, the life guards. they have flocked out in droves to the beaches over the past couple days. and i heard one lifeguard say this is the best surf they've
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seenfers enjoying the waves. it brings them on the beaches very quickly. back to you. >> mike seidel, thank you. we want to turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins who has been tracking earl and two other storms out in the atlantic. bill, good morning. >> good morning to you. and while we got lucky here in the united states, our friends in canada won't be so lucky. earl is about to make landfall as a very strong tropical storm in nova scotia. so the most damage that earl will sprou going to happen take up this from halifax down to nova scotia. 70-miles-per-hour winds, but the storm is moving quickly. so by later today, the storm will be long gone. so what's next? september is the peak of the hurricane season. usually one storm after another. it looks like we'll miss the
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storm once again. this is a slow moving system, should be near puerto rico about five days from now, so we have plenty of time to watch it and there's no threat to the united states as we go through the labor day weekend. back to you. overseas, they're still as cessing the damage this morning after a major earthquake in new zealand. it measure 7.1 and was centered on the south island just west of christ church, the country's second largest city. melissa stokes of tvnz is in christ church for us. we know there was certain for people trapped in rubble. what do we know about any rescues or cualties at this hour? >> reporter: surprisingly people have experienced such surprise over this that there's been such close calls. but no deaths or serious injuries to people. so it is really quite amazing
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that if you've seen some of the pictures that people survived, crews did look early this morning to make sure nobody was trapped. police were going around trying to get in touch with anyone that they thought may be in buildings. there were a couple of rescues from apartment buildings, but miles per hour rack could you husbandly, everyone is safe. >> this is the same size as haiti but the damage not nearly as bad. what is that due to? >> reporter: i think the infrastructure here. at the moment we've been told 120 buildings have been damaged, but the estimate is fairly low. that's expected to rise. and of course there's a lot of damage that you can't see which is underneath the city with water mains and also problems with sewage. so people have been told that they need to boil their water and conserve water, but of course just nothing like we saw in haiti. so here we have been very lucky due to the infrastructure. >> are you still getting
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aftershocks? >> reporter: we had an aftershock about 30 minutes ago, but it lasted probably around 20 seconds. people have been told to expect that it could happen for the next pew weeks. so there will be very anxious people around christchurch. it was really a big shakeup this morning and it has a lot of people on edge. so they have been told to take care for the next few days. >> and are people being allowed to get out now or is the city still under a lockdown status? >> reporter: people have been told not to go out if they don't have to. and where we are right now in the center of the city is under lockdown. so to get in here tonight, we've got -- i got dropped at a corner and was told by a police officer to walk down the middle of the road just in case there was another quake. very eerie to be out. it's a saturday night. these roads would usually be full of traffic, but there's nobody around and miss on every
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corner. so very strange sight here in new zealand. >> we're glad to know most everyone is safe. thanks very much for your reporting. and now to the economy and jobs. employers cut 54,000 workers from their payrolls this august. although that was fewer than analysts expected, the unemployment rate still went up slightly to 9.6%. for more, we're joined by steve liesman, steve, good morning. so we lost 54,000 jobs. that drove the unemployment rate to 9.6%. but as we just heard, there is positive news with the private employers adding about 67,000 jobs. that was better than expected, but obviously it didn't make a dent in the unemployment numbers. explain all of that. >> i thought you were going to explain to me. it's really confusing. so we lost 114,000 jobs from the census worker losing their jobs. the other thing that's happened is state and local governments are really cutting back because of local deficits there.
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so the market had this concern that we were dipping back in to a recession. that's been sort of the rage or the discussion all summer long. in the last week, we got a little bit of data that says, hey, we're not falling off a cliff, creating 67,000 jobs, and plus they revised upward the private sector employment for squun and july, the number of jobs that they counted. so this is not really a great report, noing to write home about or get up on a pedestal and start screaming, but what a lot of people said is it could have been worse. one economy wrote it wasn't a pearl, but it wasn't earl either. >> and yet at the same time so many americans are so frustrate that had there just aren't the jobs out there that they need, that they want, and they're asking why is it taking so long to create new jobs. >> i think there's a binge unch reasons. employers are very uncertain about the future given what we just went through. americans are saving a lot more right now. we used to save almost no money.
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now we're saving almost 6% of our salaries. that means malls have to close around the country because americans are saving more, not spending as much. plus there's this idea of political uncertainty, changes to the ax code that are coming, other legislation that's out there that's kaeted more uncertainty. one other aspect which is there was recently a study done by who economists who found that when you go through severe financial crises, it can take from five to six years to recover. i wish i had better news on saturday morning. >> exactly. what about the government's role in all of this, is there anything more that the president can do? the president said he was going to unveil new plans. what is their role? >> around the margin, maybe. if you think about what the debate is in america, it's over the size of the deficits. we spent a lot of money to get out of this hole, $800 billion for the stimulus. we already had when we went in there pretty strong deficits. we also had an issue of all the entitlements that are out there. the ability of the government to respond is limited. i think what president obama is
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talking about are very limited programs. there's a $30 billion program to loan to small business that's out there. a possibility of maybe some payroll tax cuts to spur employment. but it may be one of those things where a bit like a slow moving hurricane, we have to batten down the hatches and wait this one out for the private sector to start to feel the confidence to invest and hire people. >> steve liesman as always, thank you. let head over to the news desk now where craig melvin of our wrc in washington has this morning's other headlines. good more than aning and welcom. there has been another attack on a young woman. miss in mesa are looking if a with him who threw acid on the face of another woman. the victim has second degree burns. police say this attack does not appear to be ran can dom. you might remember earlier this week a similar attack happened in vancouver, washington on a 28-year-old woman there. overseas now to pakistan where
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the death toll is up to 65 now from that suicide bombing friday when a shiite muslim procession. the attack caught on tape. more than 150 peoples wounded in that bombing. the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility. there will be no more gubernatorial debates in arizona. incumbent republican jan brewer says more debates would only help her opponent. during wednesday's debate, brewer had a brain freeze if her opening statement and after the debate you might remember she refused to answer questions about previous comments she'd made regarding headless bodies in the desert. after searching for five day, helicopters on friday found the body of a missing mountain climber who was the son of a boxing promoter. he was found at the 7,000 foot level of storm king mountain. the experienced climber went to hike there last weekend and never returned. finally now, stubbornness has a price. a new british study finds that
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men who refuse to ask for directions waste more than $3,000 on extra gas during their life time. surely this is not shocking news to female passengers. if a guy is most according to the study, 25% of us wait about half an hour before asking for directions. that's the news. back to lester, amy and bill. >> i'm sure you're not in that group. >> no, never. >> i never ask for directions. like you're lost, your wife's getting mad at you and sooner or later you figure it out and then you're really happy. >> it's just so humiliating. >> it's called gps, right? all right. bill karins is here with a look at our forecast. >> especially me, i look at maps for a living. about if i get lost, it's really bad news. let's talk with today's forecast and we're dealing with really nice conditions out there in many places. the weather will improve all through new england. there is the rip current risk. great lakeses, feeling like fall today. even in chicago, temperature
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only in the 60s. >> lots of sunshine in the forecast not only today but for the weekend. the temperatures warm up, but nothing extremely. expect highs in the 70's to right around 80 degrees. denver, 90s saturday and sunday. that's your saturday forecast. amy? in the gulf of mexico on friday, bp removed the failed blowout preventer that was supposed to prevent the disaster from ever happening. charles hadlock is with us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: today is a big day in the history of the gulf oil disaster. at the direction of the coast
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guard, bp has now disconnect its failed blowout preventer and is slowly raising it to the surface of the gulf of mexico. it's a key piece of evidence for investigators. the blowout preventer is a safety device that should have prevented the explosion on april 20th that killed 11 workers and led to the largest oil spill in american history. engineers at sea are slowly raising the blowout preventer careful not to drop it or damage it in any way. it's five stories tall and weighs 1 million pounds. they have to raise it up through one mile of water. and when it reaches the sur far, it will be the first time anyone has seen it up close and in person since it was installed on the well earlier this year. and the government investigators will take possession of it. fbi agents are on the rig today to watch the operation very closely. >> so, charles, what will investigators then do with it? >> reporter: they will take it back to shore and take it apart
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piece by piece trying to determine exactly what went wrong, why did it fail. and if they determine that it was poorly maintained or altered in any way to make it less effective, that could mean criminal charges against bp or the owner of the deepwater horizon rig, transocean. >> all right, charles hadlock, thanks so much. and now here's lester. to politics now. the white house had hope that had this would be a recovery summer, a goal never realized as unemployment stayed high, as a disappoi d disappointment republicans will try to use. for more, we're joined by mark halperin. we'll pass that labor day mark, the traditional start of people really paying attention to the midterm elections. republicans are using this, they have and he got a press release out that says recovery summer? we hardly new ye with a picture of the president eating a snow cone. no doubt this will be the line of attack going forward? >> no doubt. and takes strong argument. this will be a two month sprint
7:20 am
and at the center of it for republicans and for a lot of americans, there's one issue, what can the country do to turn the economy around. a lot of angry people in the country think that the best way it to send a message that they want change, that's a good word for barack obama two years ago, not such a great word now, is more republicans in washington and a check on spending, which is a lot of what people are angry about. so democrats haven't figured out a way to counter that argument yet. it's one that republicans are unified on. >> what are the democrats' options? >> they're pretty limited. the white house is thinking about making some proposals about the economy. it's going to be difficult, though, because most americans i think realistically and rightly say two months before the election, if you've got some new ideas, why weren't we hearing about those earlier. don't bet against promise. he'll come out strong this week, labor day as you say the traditional kickoff, he'll be very visible trying to make the argument that his ideas still deserve more it time to work,
7:21 am
that republican ideas aren't as good. it's a tough argument to make, but as i say, betting against barack obama and politics in the last few years hasn't been such a great thing h, but it is a very tough argument to make because of the job numbers and the rest of the economy creating that mood that's really shaping the election so far. >> before the vacation season, the president was on the road stumping for some candidates. is he going to go back out again and will every candidate necessarily want him? does he have the kind of star power they need right now or is he too closely lined with some of their issues? >> it's a real quandary. there are some who do not want the president. there are parts of your country where you're more likely to see bill clinton or vice president biden than the president himself. he can still raise money and, again, i think he's got at least one more act to go here, one more chance to bring forward an economic message that could be effective. but there are places where his unpopularity, the fact that he is associated with the bad economy, is going to make democratic candidates not call the white house and ask for the
7:22 am
calvary to come in the form of barack obama. >> we can't lose sight that in are those already align to go run against him in 2012. this is really the traditional point in a presidency we start looking at who is lining up on the other side. what do you sea on the republican side? >> lester that will be one of the great sub plots in the next two months, to see if people like sarah palin, mitt romney, other people thinking about running for president, haley barbour, the governor of mississippi, where do they go, how do they campaign, and what kind of message do they have. because the race to replace barack obama or to challenge him in 2012 is already under way in some ways. but to watch where these candidates go, these perspective candidates, what they say, how popular they are, that will be a big part of this because republicans, they've got this message about the economy, about spending in washington, but they need some public faces, some figures to come forward and make the case. it will be interesting to see who does well at that. >> all right, mark halperin, good to have you on. enjoy your labor day. >> thanks, lester, you, too. more to come here. the latest on chiron who are
7:23 am
monday three months after the young boy it disappeared in m t portland, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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her act together. the new internet sensation named mary burns. >> plus another palin in the spotlight when bristol palin had to say on the "tonight show." but first these messages. >> good morning.
7:26 am
i'm deborah weiner. it is 7:26. here is a look at our top stories. ann arundel county officials are investigating a suspicious fire that left a mother and her child without a home this morning. fire officials were called to the scene and had the fire under control within 25 minutes. officials believe it was arson. >> if anyone has any information leading to the cause of the fire, because it was incendiary in nature and it was intentionally set. >> the woman and child that were displaced from the fire are being helped this morning by the red cross. luckily, neither was injuried. >> another fire possibly set on purpose under investigation this morning. this one in elkton. it happened at the u.s.a. sports club at pulaski highway. automatic sprinklers activated and put it out. no injuries were reported. >> baltimore city police are investigating a soting that happened in west baltimore. police were called to the 2000
7:27 am
street of bake -- block of bakers street last night. a man was shot in the head and neck. homicide detectives were called to the scene due to the serious nature of the shooting. >> baltimore's primary election is underway. the primary is 10 days away, but you can vote early at polling places around the state. polling places stay open for the next seven days with the exception of sunday. for more information on how the polling places work, go to and click on "politics." >> the baltimore county antiques show is on. it features a monet painting worth $5.8 million. the exhibit runs through sunday. stay with us. we'll check your forecast when
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>> good morning. beautiful morning this morning. lots of sunshine. what's left of earl now a tropical storming -- storm pulling away from new england. a few showers along lake ontario and in new york and pennsylvania . we'll have a cool front moving off shore. current temperature outside with sunshine at the airport. 65 degrees. humidity is down. the barometer is down but rising. west wind at 6. it could get gustier later on today. mostly sunny and breezey. 10 to 20 later on this morning. this afternoon, small craft advisories on the bay. 77 to 82 for the high during the day today. here's the ocean city forecast. lots of sun all weekend long. 85 today.
7:30 am
rip current risk is high today for dangerous surf. the surf temperatures about 72 or 73 degrees. the rest of the weekend, high temperatures with sunshine around 80. >> john, thank you for joining us. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. we're back on this saturday morning. it is labor day weekend. the unofficial end of summer. thanks to everyone out on the plaza. back inside studio 1a -- >> final weekend of summer. >> isn't it feel like we were just saying it eat unofficial start of sum sner. >> i do. >> coming up, the healing power of a mother's touch. >> it's a remarkable story actually of a premature baby born to it an australian couple,
7:31 am
little jamie had apparently gone into cardiac arrest and was brought back to life after his mother and father cuddled him for two hours. a camera was rolling whole time. and the entire family will join us live to tell us about their extraordinary story. >> it is such a great story. plus bristol palin is back in the spotlight. she's now going tole hollywood. last night she stopped by "the tonight show" with jay leno. what did she have to say? we don't know because we were asleep. we'll tell you if you were, too, in just a few minutes. and make room for mary burns. she was discovered on the british tv show the x factor and like boil, she has become an internet sensation. her televised performance brought down the house. coming up we'll meet and introduce mary and find out how these talent shows are creating these global al sensations. >> it's great, it too, because she was working at a grocery story, very humble beginnings
7:32 am
and it's great to see somebody who has such an amazing talent be recognized for it. >> folks who would never get recognized if not for these shows. we want to start out, though, talking about kyron horman. his parents and police have certainly not given up hope. >> reporter: all smiles in front of his science project, this photo of chirkyron horman was t at his school just before he vanished these months ago today. his search was the largest in oregon state history. for weeks crews combed forests, fields and farms for kyron. detectives won't say the case has gone cold, but they appear no closer to finding him that be the day he vanished. >> i feel like we're back in the very first days of the investigation. i can't sleep. nights are restless. some of the days i'm thinking about still him coming home. >> reporter: although
7:33 am
investigators have never named a suspect, kyron's parents openly blame their son's stepmother for playing a role in his disappearance. detectives say terry who are monday oig was the last known people to see chiron. she appears to be at the center of the investigation. kyron's parents say terry is no longer cooperating with miss and that her friends may be holding back vital more information. >> they still forget that kyron is missing and that we need help finding him and that they need to do the right thing. >> reporter: terry horman now has a high profile criminal defense attorney who has called the speculation around his client a witch hunt. meantime new leads could come from a grand jury investigation that's under way. buts a weeks turn to months -- >> k > >> kyron needs to come home. >> reporter: his parents can do
7:34 am
it little more than wait. next week their son would have returned to the classroom and celebrated his birthday. >> clint, good morning, it's good to see you. i was struck by something i heard kyron's appear say in that tape that it almost feels like we're back at the start of the investigation. you've done these kind of cases before. at this point, do the fbi and police almost go back to square one and start retracing their own steps of how they've been investigating this? >> they've got two different ways. number one, they can, they can start redoing the interviews. sometimes people remember things they forgot. sometimes people are willing to talk. but, again, as was said in the setup piece, the grand jury investigation is going on and i think a lot of people hold out hope that that investigation, they've interviewed dozens and dozens of people, that that will result in some type of insight, perhaps even an indictment for something concerning his
7:35 am
disappearance. >> it sounds like they have nothing right now to point to either a homicide or an abduction. so where does that leave them? >> they've got 3700 tips that have been called in. and i think everyone hope, lester, we've covered the jay see due guard case. she was missing for 19 years. elizabeth smart was gone for almost a year. and shawn hornbeck was kidnapped for four years and recovered after his kidnapper grabbed another little boy for four days. so i think that's a lot of hope on the part of everybody, but, lester that plays against the statistical probability that this little boy met with foul play. but as far as investigators, when i was an fbi agent, lester, that emotional porch light we never turned it off. and we always went after the victim as if he or she were alive until we found out otherwise. >> the conversation about kyron always comes back down to his stepmom. kyron's natural mom and dad have
7:36 am
real questions about her. police have questions about her. they think she even tried to plot to kill her husband. yet there's been no indictment there. so where does that leave us with regard to her? >> that plot to alledgedly kill her husband, that didn't come forward until about five or six months later. and if that's just one source, if only the man who alleged that she tried to hire him, that may be a challenge for the local prosecutor. but, again, that's something the grand jury can look at and there seems to be enough in terry horman's back ground notwithstanding whatever her responsibility may be in the disappearance of her stepson, this may be other issues that she could or perhaps other people could be indicted for that could bring pressure and perhaps solve the disappearance of this little boy. >> we'll have to end the conversation there, but, clint, thanks very much. now for a check of the weather, let's check with bill karins. good morning again. good morning. on this beautiful saturday here on the east coast as earl pushes away. a lot of texas people behind me.
7:37 am
and you have sweet 16 coming up. what does your sign say? want me to help you with that? >> finally out of the texas furnace. >> texas has been so hot this summer, right? and this feels nice to everyone from texas and for everyone else. let's get into your weekend forecast preparing for our holiday weekend. it's still hot in texas, but not as bad as it was. also a lot of hot conditions still moving through the inner mountain west. salt lake city and denver unusually hot. the cool air, the great lakes. it will feel like fall this detroit, chicago, through the great lakes. and then as we head into monday, some of the shower activity will push into the northern plains. also showers and thunderstorms down along the gulf. the east coast looking at three or four beautiful days in a row. just be careful at the beach >> good morning, sunshine this morning. small craft advisory today.
7:38 am
it will be breezey today at times. plenty of sun. cooler out to the north and west. again, the sun temperatures in the east that are a little bit below average through the weekend. that's a quick look at your weekend labor day forecast. coming up, what's the yuck? we will have the answer to those pesky medical questions. >> and she's being called the new susan boyle. we'll meet the checkout woman whoos life changed the instant she stepped on page. but first these messages. for those of us who have lactose intolerance,
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and help us make classrooms sunnier. have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us. this morning on "today," the freaky and fabulous truth about your body. this are medical questions you may be a little too embarrassed to can your doctor about, but we've answered them for you. it's in a new book, "what the yuck ". good morning, love the title. so there are definitely questions. people don't have the guts to ask their doctors. is that why the wrote the book? >> i think we all have the what the yuck moments where we find a stray hair or there's a weird smell. like what is going on with my
7:42 am
body. and it is too embarrassing to talk to your doctor. and t >> and the first one is a little funny. this question brings up those popular skinny jeans. one patient asks how tight would jeans have to be to cause internal damage? is that really a risk? >> the skinny jeans are so popular and they are really tight. so i would say major internal damage, you don't really have to worry about, but this are things that can happen. if they're very tight, they put a lot of pressure on your bladder which can increase your risk of urinary tract infections. they can also irritate the skin in that area. so my advice is listen to your body. if jeans are so tight that they're causing pain, you need to change. >> the next chapt question come from a chapter labels the girl. how much sagging is normal in sn i feel like mine are heading south faster than my friends. >> unfortunately some amount of
7:43 am
breast sagging is normal. as we age, the ligaments tend to get overstretched. but there are things that go on in your life can make it worst. rapid weight gain or loss can cause sagging. every time you're breast feeding, you increase your risk. and going to the gym without proper support will cause more sagging, as well. >> speaking of using the gym, this is something people think of. does wiping sweat off equipment with just a towel do anything to protect from germs? >> it doesn't do all that much. now, it is true that moisture is what germs love the pomost. but unfortunately they can live on dry surfaces. you needed to use an antibacterial wipe to wipe it
7:44 am
down. >> and there is a concern about technology that we use. and this is an interesting one. before i knew i was pregnant, i work order a laptop constantly. could i have done damage? >> many people worry about radiation isk are arisk and that's not a concern. >> why do i always feel magically better the day i go to the doctor? >> there are a couple things going on. sometimes you're so worried about something that it's actually causing you to have more of the symptom and when you finally get to the doctor, you know it's going to be taken care of and you feel reassured. but talk to your doctor about what's been going on for the last few weerks nk, not just th day. >> thanks so much. great tips. and we're back right after this. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time...and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices... and all the know start making things happen...
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there is a new susan boyle on the radar. her maim is mary burn. we're joined live from london with the woman wowing judges across the pond. nina, good morning. >> reporter: more than a year after susan boyle became an unlikely singing sensation, the talent shows have once again struck gold. ♪ i dream a dream >> reporter: the talent shows are rewriting the typical route to fame. as jacky ev kexerts say make t wannabee stars so
7:49 am
wannabee stars so appealing. at 50 and a single mother, mary burden of proof may not seem the obvious next big singer in the glamorous world of pop, but just as susan boyle proved last year, looks can be deceiving. she wowed judges on the x factor. she's now an early favorite to win the competition and the $2 million record deal it brings. welcome to a woman who spends her day working at a checkout counter and stopped singing years ago, her voice stifled by the struggles of every day life. >> it's amazing how you had the courage to come back and do it. i don't know what ever stopped you. >> reporter: while contestants may once have been chided for their middle aged look, such
7:50 am
artists today offer a unique opportunity to tap the baby boomer market. >> the teeny boppers don't make the big money. in another generation there's no doubt they would never have made it, but they're ordinary people, people can relate to them. >> reporter: but you don't have to win the contest to win hearts. despite losing britain's got talent, boil is now a multiplatinum artist. and after serenading the queen, she's set to sing for the pope later this month. may mary burn is certainly modeling herself over the woman she calls her idle. she's shed 14 pounds ahead of her next appearance. >> a great story. thanks for share it with us. we're back in ament morks b mom first this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
7:52 am
still to come, what do women
7:53 am
want to watch on television? coming up why networks are redefining how the classic tv woman is portrayed. plus a mother's teach. we'll meet the mom who brought her newborn son back to life. but first these messages. i do a lot of different kinds of exercise, but basically, i'm a runner. last year. (oof). i had a bum knee that needed surgery. but it got complicated, because i had an old injury. so i wanted a doctor who had done this before. and unitedhealthcare's database helped me find a surgeon. you know you can't have great legs, if you don't have good knees. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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>> good morning, i'm deborah weiner. it's 7:55. ann arundel county officials are investigating a suspicious fire that left a mother and her child without a home this morning. it happened on the 300 block of valiant circle. fire officials had the fire under control within 25 minutes, but officials believe it was arson. >> if anyone has information leading to the cause of the fire, because it was incendiary in nature and it was intentionally set. >> the woman and child that were displaced from the fire are being helped this morning by the red cross. luckily, neither was injuried. >> another fire possibly set on purpose is under investigation this morning. this one in elkton. it happened at the u.s.a. sports club in the 600 block of pulaski highway. the fire was started early friday morning. sprinklers put it out. no injuries reported. >> baltimore police investigating a shooting in west baltimore. police were called to west
7:57 am
bakers street at 10:00 last night. there they found a man shot in the head and neck. he was rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition. homicide detectives were called to the scene due to the serious nature of his condition. >> primary elections underway. the primary election is 10 days away on september 14, but you can vote early at 46 polling places around the state. they stay open the next seven days with the exception of sunday. for more information on where to go to the polls and how the process works, go to and click on "politics." >> the baltimore antique show is underway at the convention center. it features a monet painting worth $5.8 million. stay with us. we'll check you
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> good morning. lots of sunshine this morning. here's what the weather will look like this this morning. big area of high pressure. all this storm is being pushed out to sea, what's left of earl and the cold front. it will be unsettled in the great lakes. our forecast today, mostly sunny skies, breezey and mild. at its highest, north to northwest winds at 10 to 20. 77 to 82 for the high. sunset is now just before 7:30, so the days are getting shorter. here's the ocean city forecast. the rip current risk is high. temperatures on saturday in the mid 80's for high, and around 80 on sunday and monday. really nice weather. the surf temperature -- keep your toes wet -- will be in the low to mid 70's.
8:00 am
enjoy the weekend. >> john, thank you. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. good morning. washout. heavy rains, pounding surf, a big sigh of relief. hurricane earl down graded, but certainly leaving danger behind. a mother's touch. the remarkable story of a woman who was told her newborn baby didn't make it. how she loved him back to life. we will meet the family here today. and star turn. while her mother is going rogue, bristol palin is going hollywood. brings ton dancing into the spotlight today saturday, brings ton dancing into the spotlight today saturday, september 4th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
8:01 am
>> welcome back to "today." >> you can see those beautiful blue skies. that means hurricane earl came and went and a lot of us didn't even notice that he was in the area. >> unless you were on the coast, you would notice it with high winds and waves. earl has been down graded to a tropical storm takes brushed the coast of masses mass this morning with heavy rain and those winds we talked. this could have been a lot worse if you've been watching it over the last several days. that was a mighty big storm. >> but looking today here, earl has left behind big waves s an big rip currents. we'll take a closer look at that and the forecast coming up. >> so deceiving. you really need to be careful even though the storm has passed. and then we'll switch gears and bring you one family's incredible story. when twins were born, one of them baby jamie was declared
8:02 am
dead. then his mother held him close, cuddling him for hours. and his heart started beating again. the family is calling it a miracle. we'll meet them all. plus a story that caught our attention this week, what women want to watch on tv. decades after charlie's angels, it seems to be making a comeback oig. we'll have the details. but first the latest on tropical storm earl. we begin with michelle franzen in chatham, massachusetts on cape cod. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me earl has given way to a beautiful sunny day here on the cape. in chatham, very minimal damage overnight as well as the rest of the cape. although earl certainly showed itself on the island of nantucket. certainly pummeling the coast there for a while. but winds sustained winds never reached more than just over 50 miles per hour. certainly earl, though, had the
8:03 am
potential to be all that and more. of course throughout the week showing a menacing category 4 further south in the carolinas before barreling up here. touching along the coast, category 1, tropical storm winds here. the height of that storm coming around 10:00, 11:00 last night. and by the time 2:00, 3:00 in the morning came around, iwas starting to move out of this area. >> about this time yesterday, we were watching that radar satellite image and it looked like it was going to be a direct hit. they took very seriously in terms of preparations, did a lot of people go into the shelters? >> reporter: not a lot of people ended up going to the shelters. but for the first time, the red cross and salvation army had set up a number of shelters able to take as many as 10,000 people. because a lot of people, residents and vacationaries on this labor day weekend, ended up staying here, hunkering down and they did take it seriously. in the end, fewer than 100 had to end up take cover.
8:04 am
>> we're happy everyone is safe. thank you. the weather channel's mike sigh deny is in montauk, new york on the eastern tip of long island where earl has left dangerous waters behind. >> reporter: once again, another beautiful day here. the sun is back out much like up in cape cod. but the memory lingers from earl. let me show what you i'm talking about. beach erosion the major impact. just a couple of days ago, this do you know line was here. so you can see how much sand has been pushed in. also eating away at the protective berm. so in future storms, h beach front property will have less sand and berm ahead of it, so less protection. check out the waves this morning. there's still a little rambunctious. we have four to six footers still pounding away at these beaches. but yesterday they were 10 to 12 footers. and the beaches were closed not only here, but all the way south to the carolinas. not only because of the dangerous surf, but because of those rip currents we've dealt with for almost a week. in belmar, a swimmer went in on
8:05 am
thursday and they have not found him yet. that'singi this week. lifeguards didn't want that scene repeated, so they closed the beaches pretty much from the mid-atlantic up to new england yesterday. >> all right, they are back open, though, today, but off quulsly swimmers need to take that warning. mike seidel, thank you. and bill karins is tracking earl's movement and another storm named gaston. bill, good morning. good morning. we just got the update in from the national hurricane center and earl is making landfall this hour up in nova scotia. we have seen all the reports on the east coast. the damage wasn't that bad here. the strong side of the storm has always been out to sea. that's not the case this morning. the strongest winds and the most damage that earl will produce is up there in nova scotia. winds gusting up to 90 miles per hour, sustain winds possible at 70 miles per hour. so our friends in canada are getting hit by earl a lot with respect than we did here in the u.s. so what is next?
8:06 am
this is the peak of the hurricane season. and it looks like gaston should reform as we go throughout the weekend, but in is a slow moving system. it will take until wednesday or thursday to approach any land areas down there in the caribbean. puerto rico, we'll watch you closely. still not sure yet what the intensity will be by the time gets there. back to you. we want to head over to the news desk now. craig melvin from wrc is here. good morning. good morning, everyone. we start in new zealand where a powerful 7.1 magnitude quake high school hit in christchurch. fortunately it appears no one was killed. at this point only two serious injuries have been reported. are president obama will unveil new job creation plans next week to improve the economy. in his weekly radio address, the
8:07 am
president insisted that the economic stimulus package has revenltsr prevented the economic slide from being worse. yesterday we learned the unemployment rating increased to 9.6% in august. the bp blowout preventer has been replaced. workers are hauling it up from the bottom of the ocean. charles hadlock is live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. the blowout preventer is a key piece of evidence into what went wrong. it's a safety device that should have prevented the explegs that killed 11 workers and led to the biggest oil leak in american history. engineers at sea are slowly and carefully raising the blowout preventer to the surface, careful not to damage or drop. it is five stories tall, weighs a million pounds and they have to bring it up new 5,000 feet of water. now, prosecutors will take
8:08 am
control of the belowout preventer, they will take it apart piece by piece to try to determine exactly what went wrong. if they determine that it was poorly maintained or altered in any way, to make it less effective, that could mean that criminal negligence charges could be filed against bp or transocean, the operator of the deepwater horizon rig. >> charles hadlock, thanks. an "american idol" after months of speculation, fox announced yesterday that the songwriter is stepping down after just two seasons. judges simon cowell and ellen degeneres have also left the show. steven tyler and jennifer lopez are reportedly frontrunners to join the panel p. finally, some very special twins making their debut at a japanese zoo. can't get much cuter than this pair. they are brother and sister. just three weeks ago -- i should say just three weeks old, they've already quadrupled this
8:09 am
weight to a healthy 1.5 pounds. back to you guys. >> is it just me? they get really cute, but -- >> not quite there yet? >> they don't look cute to me. >> wow. you're saying that's a face only a mother can love? h. >> yeah, i am. when they get fatter, they'll be cuter p. and more hair. craig, thank you. bill karins on the plaza has a check of the forecast. >> everyone thinks that's cute as can be. little fuzzy little things. just a little harry at this point. let's talk about your 60th birthday, phyllis. who is this next to you? >> this is my daughter. and this is my oldest sister. >> how was she when she was young? >> no comment. >> have a wonderful birthday in new york. let's talk about your weekend forecast. we'll continue to watch warm conditions out in the west. very warm, actually. areas of arizona up through utah, and even 93 today in
8:10 am
denver. cool weather arriving in the great lakes and everyone on the east coast dealt with that big heat wave before earl, looks like that's long gone. much cooler conditions as we go throughout the labor day >> lots of sunshine in the forecast not only today but for the weekend. the temperatures warm up, but nothing extremely. expect highs in the 70's to right around 80 degrees. 60s. that's a look at your labor day weekend forecast. lester? now to bristol palin stepping out of the shadow of her famous mom and into the quhit hot spotlight of hollywood. palin will soon be appearing on "dancing with the stars" and last night made an appearance on
8:11 am
in late night. here's jeff rossen. >> reporter: friday night bristol pay wherein's latest stop, "the tonight show." >> with your disappointed it didn't work out with levi? it seems like only a few months ago you were engaged depend. >> yeah, i'm not disappointed, i'm not heartbroken. >> no? >> reporter: good good to see her smile. after giving pirt to her son, bristol and the baby's father splits up, but this summer announced their engagement is back on giving this interview to "us weekly." >> i want to get married soon just so that we can live together and be together all the time. i think we can all come together as a family. >> reporter: but just weeks later, bristol has said that me vie johnston came clean, admitting he may have fathered a baby with another woman. and then bristol found out he shot a music video mocking the palin family. so she dumped him, again.
8:12 am
>> have you started rehearsing yet? >> yes, we've had three days of rehearsals. >> and is it way harder than you thought or about the same? >> well, i expected this to be hard work, but i'm so uncoordinated and don't have any rhythm, so we're starting from scratch. >> she's alaska's most famous daughter, bristol palin. >> reporter: now she's on a tv's list, competing on "dancing with the stars" next season. >> i have to ask you, what does your mom think about you being on the show? >> she's excited for me. she knows it's hard work, but she's excited. >> will we be seeing her in the ball room? >> hopefully. >> reporter: all this as her mother remains in the political spotlight with questions still swirling about a possible run for president in 2012. >> the publicity surrounding bristol palin and her baby, her on again/off again relationship with johnston, has the potential to make sarah palin look like a celebrity kind of gossip fodder as opposed to a serious
8:13 am
politician. >> reporter: a young woman coming of age on national tv. for "today," jeff rossen, nbc news. still to come, back to the future. the return of a female action hero on television. but next, the amazing story of a mother whose loving touch brought her new born back to life. right after these messages. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down?
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for fresh taste without the fuss, try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new garlic chicken is freshly steamed in this revolutionary steam pouch that unlocks the flavors of tender white meat chicken, crisp farm picked veggies and al dente pasta, for a steamed dinner like never before. now that's fresh thinking. new market creations from lean cuisine. keep life delicious. in late march, kate gave birth to twins after only 27
8:16 am
week. soon after, doctors told kate her newborn son didn't make it. but kate took the baby in her arms, held him close, in ynurtu him with kangaroo care and remarkably brought him back to life. we're delighted to have the whole family here. i feel like i have to talk quietly because they're sleeping. but it's nice to see help hel e healthy and happy. >> they're booth doing fantastically well. there's no complications. both doing everything newborn babies should do. >> and i know you consider this a miracle. i want to go back to that day. 27 weeks. you said you actually started to go to labor at 26 weeks. >> yeah. >> but when you were in the delivery room and you were delivering the babies, did you have any idea that something may go wrong?
8:17 am
>> no, we'd always maintained a positive attitude so we were hoping everything would just be fine. we knew we wouldn't get to hold them and they'd be in the hospital for while. >> so tell me what did the doctor say to you. >> he said have you picked a name for your son and kate said jamie. and at that point we thought he was going to turn around and say here's your son and hand him over. but he turned around and said, i'm sorry, but your son didn't make it. so that was quite devastating. >> and then he suggested you say your good-byes about. >> yeah, he sat down on the bed and explained how he'd died and he said his heart's still beating, but he's not been breathing for the last half an hour. his heart will eventually stop. so you have a couple minutes to say good guy and that-bye and t. >> did you think for even a second that maybe there would be
8:18 am
some -- it's kangaroo care. had you ever heard of that before? >> i had heard about it years ago, yes. about a mother with a very premature baby keeping the baby warm and stimulating it that way. >> you're smiling there, but a lot of people wouldn't be smiling. >> he was moving and starting to breathe. >> but you doctor told you that was just a reflex. >> just reflex. >> but you had hope. >> we did it. >> so the doctor didn't believe that jamie was alive and you were convinced obviously that he was. there was a moment, though, when you decided to take breast mill him and put it your finger. tell me what happened. >> he licked it and i thought, oh, and he is showing good responses. we've got a chance. >> did you bring the doctor back in at this point? >> we tried. we asked a few times over the period of just over two hours.
8:19 am
and the first two times he sent nurses back saying it's purely reflex. about can can't be possible. on so it can take a lot of convincing to get him back in the room. >> and jamie opened his eyes. >> yeah, and picked his head up and tried to cry. >> what was that moment like for you? >> amazing. >> hope was welling up inside that maybe this was a miracle. >> your story brings so much inspiration and promise. anyone who has been in this position can't even imagine something like this happen. how do you describe what happened? what do you think happened? >> we think maybe he was in shock. he was very early and just taking his own sweet time in coming around. just wanted to cuddle and a bit of, you know, time to relax and needed some mp witharmth and lo. >> are you going to it teit tel
8:20 am
this story? >> we'll show him some of the footage. >> and to have it all on tape like that. have you gone back and watched it? and i can't imagine the emotion that that brings for you. >> we didn't watch it for months afterwards, but then it was quite surprising. we were as emotional as when it first started. >> what a sweet beautiful family. david, kate, thank you so much. and twins, thanks so much for being so quiet and well behaved. we hope you're like this for the next 18 years. we'll be right back, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:21 am
8:22 am
still it come, packing up your summer gear the right way. >> plus irresistible barbeque. but first, these messages.
8:23 am
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8:26 am
>> i'm deborah weiner. ann arundel officials are investigating a spashese fire that -- suspicious fire that left a mother and her child without a home. fire officials were called to valiant circle. they believe it was arson. >> if anyone has information leading to the cause of the fire because it was incendiary in nature and it was intentionally set. >> the woman and her child are being helped by the red cross. luckily neither was injured. >> another fire possibly set on purpose is under investigation this morning. this one in emkton. it happened at the u.s.a. sporlts club on the 600 block of pulaski highway. the fire was started early friday morning. automatic sprinklers act vailted and put it out. no injuries reported. >> baltimore police were called to the 2000 block of bakers street last night.
8:27 am
there they found a man shot in the head and neck. no word on his condition, but homicide detectives were called to the scene do you to the serious nature of the shooting. >> early voting in the state's primary election is underway and run through the 9th. you can now vote early at 46 polling places around the state. polling polices stay open through next thursday with the exception of subpoenaed. for more information on where to g.a.o. to and click on -- where to go, go to and click on "politics." >> the baltimore antiques show is underway. it features a monet painting worth $5.8 million. >> stay with us we'll check your foreca
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> good morning. beautiful morning this morning. as often happens after the passage of a hurricane, the weather is usually gorgeous behind it. this is what is left of hurricane earl pulling away from new england toward the maritime provinces of canada. in fact, it leaves in its wake, all the way to the west coast. the unsettled whether will be up in the great lakes. our forecast, almost perfect today. especially for a holiday weekend. mostly sunny, breezey, and mild. north to northwest winds at 10 to 20. sunset this evening just after 7:30. days are getting shorter. ocean city forecast all weekend long, lots of sunshine. it will be breezey today. northwest winds 15 to 30 with a high of 35. the rip current risk high.
8:30 am
sunday and monday will both be sunny. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back in 25 minutes for 11 news at 9:00. we're back on this saturday mornings, september 4th, 2010. it is labor day weekend and the unofficial end of summer. we want to thank our crowd for spending part of their morning with us. coming up, what do women want to watch on television? would you believe the violence and action? >> but with women as the strong central character. we'll look at the new trend. the women crime fighter is back. >> they identified with woman
8:31 am
power. and then as we said it's the unofficial end of summer. the days are getting shorter, the kids are going back to school and it's time to put away your outdoor furniture and supplies. coming up we'll walk you through the best ways to do all of that. >> and the alternate theory, there's still plenty of good weather like for barbequing. a delicious twist on the labor day barbeque. >> i think those are red velvet brownies and they're all mine. just warning you. let's go out karins with a check of your weather. let's talk about st. louis. what are your names? >> wayne and joy. >> i notice that these three here are in the middle. who is taylor, claudia and casey? >> those are our pets at home.
8:32 am
>> what kind? >> we have two cats and a dog. >> who is watching them? >> we have a wonderful pet sitter. >> that's very nice. works out well. let's talk about st. louis and so many other gorgeous area as we go throughout the beautiful weekend. let's talk about sunday, tomorrow, hot weather in the west, but it will spread a little bit into the areas of the northern plains. and as we go into the east coast, saturday, sunday and monday looks perfect. the only wet areas as we go throughout the weekend will be down there along the gulf from texas and louisiana also around florida, showers and thunderstorms. and then by labor day, a new system comes into the plains and that's where we'll be dealing with wet weather. but overall a lot of great weather. finally we can all take a deep breath and enjoy the nd >> good morning, sunshine this morning. small craft advisory today. it will be breezey today at times. plenty of sun. cooler out to the north and west. again, the sun
8:33 am
and if you want to get your hour by hour forecast, you can always get that at a amy? the new fall tv season begins next week and viewers who grew up with wonder woman and lara croft are in for a real tree. they're redefining how the classic heroin is portrayed. on many women are portrayed as helpless victims oft brutal crimes. but now a new group of women are falling back. they're the heroins of the fall it tcht tv season.
8:34 am
and they don't need to be rescued. new shows like chase on nbc all feature women as their main characters. they use their wits and guns. >> the reason audiences want to see more women this charge is that most audience members are women and it makes complete sense that they're tired of being the damsal in distress. >> shows like wonder women have featured women as crime fighter and action heros who battle the forces of evil. the new shows while not a novelty are gritty and the characters complex. the portrayal of women as strong purposeful heroins comes at a time when reality shows featuring women are at their peak. women fight in those shows, too, but it's hugely amongst themselves.
8:35 am
in reality, many women do face dangerous work along with their male colleagues. the action stars in this season's new shows, while fictional, may reflect the expanding roles of women. >> i think it's a very positive shift that we see that the action heros are not just men now, but more and more are women. and i think it's good for men to understand that women can keep up with them, pot just intellectually, but certainly physically, also. >> for more insight, we're joined by jennifer posener, executive director of women in media and news. jennifer, good morning. so the new fall tv lineup definitely emphasizes woman as the action hero. that's not anything new. we saw it with charlie's angels of decades past. but what do you think it is about women now that we're ready
8:36 am
for that reemergence of the female action hero in. >> i think we've always been ready for female action here rows and always been ready for fully defined women with agency. unfortunately too often we don't get that in terms with what we're given. we see the put-upon mom who is always gorgeous but harried by her obnoxious husband like on king of queens. we see the women who are portrayed of bill bombos fighti amongst themselves. and when it comes -- basically what women are looking for are strong, independent, fully defined characters who stand up for themselves and others. it's too bad that they're only given that option in action roles. >> what about the notion that women really do like the blood
8:37 am
and silence and they want to see other women a part of all of that, is there any truth to that? >> i think there's a absolutely -- this is all sort of based on market research that the networks did and i think that there's a crisis of vision in the interpretation of those -- of that research. if it they had asked the real questions of these women they were talking to, 18 to 34-year-old women, they would have found that, yes, they want strong, they want women bike buf like buffy the vampire sleigh, but they want intelligent women. it's not about the blood, items about the fully flushed out idea that women can be anything they want to be.idea that women can be anything they want to be. >> and then you have the other genre where you have the house wives series, you see the strong women but they're catty. sometimes as a woman it's embarrassing to watch because it
8:38 am
feels like such a stereotype. and yet are women watching? >> that's interesting. the former executive over at vh-1 said that if women didn't want these shows, they wouldn't be made. but what's really true, that's just a shallow justification for what networks want to put on the air, these shows, the reality show, cost upwards of basically it can cost less than 75% less to make a reality show than a scripted program. so it's not what women want to see. it's what net works want us to want to see because it's really cheap to make. then you get all the product placement and sponsorship cash and it's a party. it doesn't mean that women are being represented in any kind of realistic way. >> and speaking of maybe more of the genre that we're hoping to see, we know nbc has two shows out. what do you think the networks need to do to get women hooked
8:39 am
for all the right reasons on these types of shows? >> they should do what for example buffy the value smpire sleigher. female characters that rely on each other to defend themselves, to defend other women and other people. and they shouldn't do these sort of rape, incest, torture of the week types of not lines. they should focus on women using their skill and toughness and their negotiation to problem solve. >> all the things we clearly possess. all right. jennifer, thanks so much. coming up next, storing your summer gear. but first these messages. [ female announcer ] there's complete.
8:40 am
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only from the makers of tylenol. precise. have you tried honey bunches of oats yet? every spoonful is a little different. mmm. they got three kinds of flakes. this is delicious. it's the perfect combination of sweet and crispy. i love it. this is so good. this is great. the magic's in the mix.
8:42 am
this morning on today's quick fixes, storing your summer gear and furniture with fall around the corner. this has become an issue as you wind down your summer gardening and lawn activities. here to talk more about it, justin hancock from better homes and gardens. nice to have you here. we'll first talk about the lawnmow lawnmower. at some point it will be the time to put it away. i put it in the corner and call it quits. there's more to it. >> if you want to keep your mower in tip top shape, empty the gas tank. super easy to do. just run it until it runs out of gas. it's important to do that because you don't want bad gas to gunk up the engine over the winter. and then you want to change the oil.
8:43 am
lawnmowers have air filters. if it's brown and gunky, replace it with a fresh one. simple. and a lot of people also don't know you want to sharpen the blades. just get a blade sharpner, run it up and down each of the edges. a clean cut on your lawn will keep it looking beautiful and healthy. >> let's it ta talk about lawn gardening tools. >> you can stop rust by cleaning them off really well so you don't get the rust building up underneath the bridge. i use mineral spirits to wipe them down. it gives you an extra layer of location. and store them in a bucket of sand. it will help prevent further oxidation. >> garden hose obviously when we get into freezing weather, you don't want any water this there. >> so stop watering your plants
8:44 am
wans once it gets to about 45 degrees. drain all the water out so it won't freeze and crack it. >> outdoor furniture. this can go back in a hurry. >> it's best to move it inside if possible. if not, cover it with a waterproof tarp. >> should you do anything to the wood itself? >> if you want to, you can stain and seal this time of year. it's a great way it to keep it looking new. and then with your smaller pieces, tuck them underneath the bigger piece so is ipiece, so we them below them away. >> the barbeque, hate to put this away. gr sta . >> at that time gtake the gas nt it inside so it doesn't get jostled around. clean it with a striff brush,
8:45 am
warm season any water. clean out the drip tray. and protect the exterior was covering it with a grill cover and then bungee it down so it doesn't blow away during any winter storms. >> all good advice. stick around if you want some barbeque because we have some barbeque coming up. appreciate you being here. and we'll take a break. be back with more "today" after this.
8:46 am
8:47 am
i can't think of a better way to end the unofficial end of summer than with barbeque. for great new ideas, we've got some tips for you. >> and sunny anderson is here, host of cooking for real. always good to see you. >> i thought today we'd do a pattie melt, but we're doing a
8:48 am
little bit of swiss -- >> i've never heard of that. >> you just take some ground chicken. >> you can get it just in the grocery store? >> oh, yeah. >> i've seen ground turkey, but not ground chicken. >> i think it's just all the super healthy people -- >> i'm not super healthy, right. >> is there something else in there? >> yeah, we bought the chicken and a little bit of oregano and garlic. so these are all things that you can easily find at the grocery store. i put a little bit of oil in the batter so it doesn't stick to the grill here. a little salt and pepper. and you just grill it on each side for about three minuteses, it's nice and done and yummy. >> and nothing says pattie melt like grilled onion. >> exactly. i love to get them down to where they're nice and caramelized.
8:49 am
so just onions, butter, salt and pepper. and in about 20 minutes, if you do this slow and low like barbeque, it will turn into the sweetest onion you'll ever have no matter what kind of onion you put in there. >> how do you prepare the whole thing? >> over here i've got some patties that are almost done. these look great. so what i like to do is right on my grill i take -- >> usually you put it on bread. >> you can totally do rye bread. a pattie melt is usually beef and of course you've got some swiss cheese, onions and bread and they sandwich it together. what i like to do is get this on the grill and then day my -- this is in the family of swiss. put it on one of our patties.
8:50 am
and then some of our caramelized onions. nice and sweet and yummy right over the top there. never can have too many onions. and then more cheese right over the top. >> and just melt it on there? >> leave it on the grill. this will get nice and warm and then you flip it over and give it a cut and you've got them right here. do you want one? >> i'm saving room for the red velvet brownies. >> i've go with the pattie. >> let's get to the chips and salsa first. you couple he wid this with ice? >> this is brooklyn iced tea. we've got some tequila from sunset park. and there's actually tea in here. >> i like that. >> so it work great and tastes great. you guys have the recipe on your website. and then over here, i have my
8:51 am
sal salsa. it tastes like an apple or a pai pear. i pair that had wied that with smith apple and cilantro mix. you have got to give this a try. >> yummy. >> and then for dessert, i'll look you up with this brownie. >> easy to do. tastes great on the first and second day. and that's just a quick little dressing of hot sauce, a little bit of lime juice, sugar. now, here we go. let's bring this to you. i love red velvet cake from grandma and i love cream cheese and cheesecake. i have to say happy 39th anniversary to my parents today. 39 years, still in love and they started out -- >> what are hatheir names?
8:52 am
>> daddy and mommy. >> you have nuts in here. >> there are walnuts in here which are typical for the frosting of red velvet cake. >> you're going to town there. >> these are perfect for your last cookout of the summer. >> always nice to have you here. >> we'll be right back after these messages. ime nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right. i couldn't sleep right. next day it took forever to get going. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up. took a shower... or took a pill. then i tried drug-free breathe right. and instantly, i breathed better! i slept better. i felt...better. thank you, breathe right! [ male announcer ] breathe better, sleep better, feel better. now try breathe right for free... at [ woman ] it's my right to breathe right. isn't it your right, too?
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8:54 am
that will do it for us on this saturday. our thanks to craig melvin and bill karins. tomorrow on "today," with the unemployment rate at 9.6%, many are asking where are the jobs. we'll tell you. >> and we'll tell you about a major league family splitting up. have a great rest of your saturday, everybody.
8:55 am
>> live, local, late breaking.
8:56 am
>> good morning and welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> there is a look of some of our top stories. city police are investigating a shooting that happened in west baltimore. this happened around 10:00 p.m. last night. they found a man shot in the head and neck. medics rushed to the victim to the hospital. no word of his condition. homicide had been called to the scene because of the serious nature of the shooting. a fire possibly set on purpose is under investigation in elkton. the fire was started early friday morning. the pit the fire out. no injuries were reported. early voting in the primary election are under way. the primary election is 10 days away, september 14th, but you can now vote early. there are 46 polling places. there will be open their next thursday with the exception of sunday. >> up next, dr. can have and has
8:57 am
a question to -- answers to your pet questions. >> rowling of the welcome mat for people with disabilities. >> we sure you have to skip the burgers and entertained friends with a growing gourmet meal. >> the weekend is sunny. it will be great. i will detail the coming
8:58 am
>> live, local, late breaking.
8:59 am
this is wbal-tv 11 news saturday morning. >> and debra wiener. a sigh of relief as the category 4 hurricane earl is no longer a concern. it is a tropical storm but he pushes the north. we have team coverage. we built -- began with michelle. >> weakening but still powerful, hurricane earl turned north. the vacation island received the brunt of the storm with hurricane-force wind lashing the coast. many vacationers out early in the day before earl came in and took cover once the heavy band of rain moved in. the threat of girl was not enough to stop this couple from saying, "i do." >> it will always be memorable. nothing

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